Scribbles, scratches & scrapings from an aging manchild


169: Supergirl WIP

Here’s a little something I’m working on for next week, I haven’t drawn a Supergirl in a while, and I wanted to.


166: Finesse Contest Sketch Roughs

Here are the rough-ups for a piece we’ll be giving away in a contest for the podcast I co-host, Earth’s Mightiest Podcast. The finished version will be posted on Monday. To win it, listen to the new episode on Monday 6-20-2011 and post re-tweet it with the hash tag #earthsmightiestpodcast, or submit an iTunes review. we’ll announce the winner in Episode 6.

162: X-Men Page Updated

Did some pretty drastic changes to this to get ready for HeroesCon in Charlotte this last weekend. Original page can be found here: CLICK ME!

161: Wonder Woman


160: Wonder Woman Inks

I decided I wanted a more updated version of this drawing for my portfolio, here are the inks – colors coming soon.

143: Black Cat Sketch

quick sketch I did for the weekly sketch group over at the Pencil Jack forums. I might go ahead and ink this.

141: Harley Quinn

Finally finished this New Harley Quinn piece. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to afford Batman: Arkham City when it comes out.