Scribbles, scratches & scrapings from an aging manchild


1358: Pikachu Libre!

A commission of my favorite Pokémon thing EVER. Once again, credit to the art staff at Pokémon/Nintendo.

1357: Believe it!

Another commission – full credit to the promotional art team, all I really did was put my spin on there stuff.

1356: Nightcrawler Collaboration

A rad Nightcrawler sketch that my buddy Phouthong Phimmarath, colored by myself.

1354: Rapunzel

A buddy of mine is decorating his new baby’s room with Disney princesses, this was my contribution 🙂

1353: Kitty

Professor Xavier is a JERK!!!!

1352: Nightcrawler Sketch

Having buddies who wrote an X-Men book (and also like to suggest that people get sketches from me) is the shit, lol. Thanks to Chad Bowers and Chris Sims for sending me the best kind of commissions!