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1248: Wolfneck Sketch

1248 wolfneck 4-1-2016
A quick character sketch from my D&D sheet.


1165: Apuvek Stormwatcher Thulukane

1165 D&D Apuvek 8-7-2015
Wow – it’s been a while since I’ve been able to draw something for myself. Here’s my current D&D character, a Goliath Barbarian.

980: Conan & Belit

980 Conan & Belit Inks 4-24-3013
Finished this up. I’m very pleased with the result.

979: Conan & Belit Inking WIP

979 Conan & Belit WIP 4-22-3013
Here’s a work in progress of a Conan and Belit piece I’m working up for a pummel competition at On a whim, I chose to put them in their classic Marvel comics garb. I’m pretty pleased with it so far.

308 (949): Fight (Fiverr sketch)

308 (949) fight (Fiverr sketch) 1-15-2013
I’m getting plenty of work at my page, here’s yet another commission.

266: Amiri & Valeros WIP

I’m getting pretty excited about the Pathfinder comic coming – so here’s a Valeros and Amiri piece I’m working on.

Entry 204: Skyrim Sketch 2

Another sketch I did for the Skyrim release, The Dovahkiin is called!