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1369: Sleep well, Caped Crusader

TV Batman was the first thing I ever learned to draw from memory. I wanted to try something different and special for this one, so I inked with liners instead of brush and drew coloring influence from the amazing Francesco Francavilla and Wes Craig. I’ll have 9×12 prints of this available at Heroes Con next week.



1355: Poison Ivy

1298: Son of the Bat

Damien is a rad little bastard.

1257: Batman/Daredevil

1257 Batman Daredevil 5-30-2016
Another one from Megacon 2016, also colored by Bob Frank.


1245: Bane Sketch Cover

1245 Bane 3-25-2016

1235: New Sketch Cards

1235 Sketch cards 2-19-2016
Some new sketch cards I did for Captain’s Comics Expo 2016, Including Storm, the next in my series of favorite black characters.

1173: Batman Painting

1173 Batman Painting 9-7-2015
I was hating this most of the way through painting it. I haven’t tried painting like this in years. I don’t hate it anymore, but I don’t love it either. It was definitely fun.