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1373: Independence Day

Samantha Wilson, the Captain America of Earth 65! Such a great design.


1273: New Sketch Cards

1273 Sketch Cards 8-5-2016
Some New Stranger Things and a Cap for my sketch cards book. Come see me at a con or contact me if you want any of these, $5 (plus shipping, if necessary).

1218: Agent Carter

1218 Agent Carter 11-23-2015
A commission of the always awesome Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.

1186: Inktober Day 1 – Bucky Cap

Bucky Cap 9-30-2015
31 days of Ink drawings starts RIGHT NOW. Last year changed everything about the way I work when it comes to inking, so I’m super excited to see where this year takes me. Here’s a Bucky Captain America commission for my buddy, Viet.

1142: FCBD 2015 Sketch Cards 1

1142 FCBD Sketch Cards 9-up 1 5-4-2015

Some of the sketch cards I did for kids on Free Comic Book Day at Soundwave in Summerville, SC. I actually had a line of kids waiting for these, it was super fun.

268: Captain America Doodle

Just playing around with my new warm and cool grey Copics, seeing what they can do.