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1277: Sketch Cards

1277 Sketch Cards 8-15-2016
A few more cards for the book. Come see me at a con or contact me if you want any of these, $5 (plus shipping, if necessary).


1056: Captain Marvel (red-draw commission)

1056 Captain Marvel Commission 4-20-2014
Someone fell in love with Entry 1049 so much that they wanted to buy it, unfortunately it’s in my sketchbook – so I went ahead and re-created it on bristol board. This one’s on it’s way to it’s new home. Drop me a line if you’d like to commission something for yourself.

1049: Captain Marvel

1049 Captain Marvel Moleskine 2-7-2014

A Captain Marvel from my pocket sketchbook. I really wanted to draw her hair the way I see it in my brain. I saw this somewhere online or on TV where this cool faux-hawk was put together this way.

Also – there is no quicker way to discover how much you use ctrl+Z than to draw something by hand for the first time in months. My brain is broken forever, thanks Photoshop.

992: Nerd Girl Pinup

986 Pumell Pinup 5-24-2013
Something for the monthly Pummel competition at I’m pretty dang happy with how this came out.

301: Captain Marvel #8

301 My Art in the letters 1-2-2013
Holy Crapballs!!!! Check it out! Entry 285: Captain Marvel: Body Heat was featured in Captain Marvel #8! So rad.

285: Captain Marvel: Body Heat

Kelly Sue DeConnick mentioned the other day on her Tumblr that her ideal Carol Danvers was a young Kathleen Turner. I really like the idea, so I whipped this up with a little bit of the lovely Kathleen in mind. Hope you likes.

Entry 238: New Captain Marvel