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1357: Believe it!

Another commission – full credit to the promotional art team, all I really did was put my spin on there stuff.

1356: Nightcrawler Collaboration

A rad Nightcrawler sketch that my buddy Phouthong Phimmarath, colored by myself.


1355: Poison Ivy

1353: Kitty

Professor Xavier is a JERK!!!!

1351: Guitar Charity Art Jam

I always like doing pieces like this, I’m in some GOOD company on this one.

1350: Betty Cooper

I got to meet and chat a bit with Mark Waid at SC Comic Con recently, and I wanted something special for him to sign. The owner of one of my local comic stores really hooked me up with this blank Archie cover. Now I just have to try to keep my wife from stealing it.

1348: Wonder Woman

Kickin’ ass, takin’ names, empowering us all.