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1306: Harley at Bat

It’d be weird if I went all the way through Inktober without drawing Harley, right? Here’s a nice mash-up of classic Harley and Margot Robbie, enjoy.


1299: Catwoman

This version of Selina is always gonna look like Audrey Hepburn to me, thanks to Adam Hughes.

1298: Son of the Bat

Damien is a rad little bastard.

1289: Doop and The Joker Colored

A couple more older cards that I decided to color.

1286: New Sketch Cards

A couple of new sketch cards, catch me at a convention to grab one!

1257: Batman/Daredevil

1257 Batman Daredevil 5-30-2016
Another one from Megacon 2016, also colored by Bob Frank.

1253: Sith Superman

1253 Super Man Sith 5-9-2016
Sometimes I get really weird commission requests, this is one of my favorites.