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That’s right, the old blog is being left behind at 1400 posts. I’m going to leave this site up, and keep it functioning with good links, but I won’t be updating the blog anymore.

Thanks so much if you’re a long-time watcher or follower, you can still keep up with me on Instagram and Patreon, where I’ll be posting all the stuff that would ordinarily go here.

Catch you….on the flip siiiiiiiiidddeeeee…….


1124: Fedor Ivan Bellic

1124 Fedor Bellic 1-30-2014
My Current D&D character, a dwarf rogue with a background in espionage. He’s got a nicely generic Eastern Europeanesque accent, and lots of secrets.

1058: Dwarf Warrior

1058 Dwarf 4-30-2014
A Fiverr commission of a D&D style dwarf.

1030 Dell the Dwarf (Fixed)

1030 Dell the Dwarf 11-4-2013
Update to an older entry. He was supposed to have this hat and the distinct bracelet.

984: Dell the Dwarf

984 Dell the Dwarf 5-6-2013
This is a character sketch I did of an NPC for the weekly Pathfinder game I’m in. Dell Dorderrak

962: More Fiverr Madness

962 gemchimp 2-15-2013

962 crossbow 2-15-2013

962 dwarf 2-15-2013

Yet a few more commission sketches from my Fiverr deal. Order yours here:

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