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1360: More Wolverine

A very special commission for a Patreon supporter for the podcast I co-host.


1035: Tracksuit

1035 tracksuit 11-18-2013
You gotta love a good weird-as-hell commission.

1028: Wolfman’s Got Nards?!

1028 Wolfman Nards 10-8-2013
The Monster Squad is pure Halloween bliss.

282: Disney Princess Leia

I can’t be the only one thinking it, lol. Seriously though, this Disney thing could be the best thing to happen to Star Wars since Empire. Before anyone asks, yeah, I’ll probably do a slave bikini version.

281: Sophia Petrillo

So somehow this sketch from a couple weeks ago got lost in the cracks. We had a weird discussion about The Golden Girls on D&D night, which ended with this drawing.