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1314: Harley Sketch Card

New Harley card, Margot Robbie inspired, with classic costume.


1306: Harley at Bat

It’d be weird if I went all the way through Inktober without drawing Harley, right? Here’s a nice mash-up of classic Harley and Margot Robbie, enjoy.

1235: New Sketch Cards

1235 Sketch cards 2-19-2016
Some new sketch cards I did for Captain’s Comics Expo 2016, Including Storm, the next in my series of favorite black characters.

1147: Harley Quinn Sketch Card

1147 Harley Sketch Card 6-1-2015
I’ll hopefully have a little binder full of sketch cards for Heroes-Con 2015, $5 for black and White, $10 for color. FREE to kids under 12. Same prices for custom cards drawn at the show.

1122: Harley Quinn Commission

1122  Harley Copics 1-5-2014
Worked this up as a Christmas gift commission for a friend.
You can buy it as a print if you want:

1098: Inktober Day 21 – Harley Quinn

1098 Inktober Day 21 - Harley Quinnp 10-21-2014
Did you think I’d go through a month of daily drawings without at least one Harley Quinn? Silly humans.

1077: Batman and Harley (drawing class)

1077 Batman 9-24-2014

1077 Harley Quinn 9-24-2014

1077 Wendy art 9-24-2014

Today I taught my daughter how to draw – complete from pencils, through inks and then coloring. She did pretty great. These sketches are for sale, so if you’d like to buy – just hit me up 🙂