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967: Harley Quinn

967 Harley 3-14-2013
I was just thinking to myself that it was high-time I drew another classic Harley Quinn. So I done did it.


253: Harley Quinn – Arkham City Fix

I wanted to go back and fix a couple thing on this that have been bothering me. hope you like the changes.

Entry 200: Arkham City joker

Here’s a Joker commission sketch I did for the Arkham City midnight release event at the local Best Buy in North Charleston. The guy really seemed to like it and I had a great time. Took this with my HTC Thunderbolt and cleaned it up in Photoshop.

180: Harley Quinn Classic Costume

Finished! Does anyone else have a Sir Mix-A-Lot song stuck in there head?

179: Harley Quinn Inks

I realized I haven’t drawn Harley in her original costume in a long while, so here she is. Color inevitable.

141: Harley Quinn

Finally finished this New Harley Quinn piece. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to afford Batman: Arkham City when it comes out.

140: Joker Tat

had to mock this up to put the finishing touches on my new Harley Quinn piece, enjoy.