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1363: Bronze Age X-Men

Just doodling in my sketch book.


1353: Kitty

Professor Xavier is a JERK!!!!

1190: Inktober Day 5 – Kitty and Lockheed (with Rico Renzi)

Kitty Pryde with Rico Renzi 10-4-2015
So the awesome Rico Renzi tabled behind me at Soda City Comic Con, so I had to draw this Kitty piece special for him to color. Doesn’t it look fuckin’ incredible? Look how glorious he made those flowing locks!

995: Kitty and Lockheed (Heroes-Con 2013!)

995 Kitty and Lockheed 6-10-2013
I sat in an uncomfortable position in a plastic chair on the convention floor at Heroes 2013 for about an hour and a half for this one. It was an art contest that I didn’t place in, lol. I still like it, though.

Entry 248: Kitty Pryde Color

Color! By hand! Ink and Acrylic wash on 13×19 watercolor paper.

239: Kitty Pryde

Something I’m working on for a buddy, and one of my all time favorite characters and costumes.