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1373: Independence Day

Samantha Wilson, the Captain America of Earth 65! Such a great design.


1317: Spider-Miles

Colors by the always awesome Bob Frank!

1316: Ironheart

RiRi Williams is awesome.

1315: 90s Psylocke commission

A fun Commission from my last con.

1049: Captain Marvel

1049 Captain Marvel Moleskine 2-7-2014

A Captain Marvel from my pocket sketchbook. I really wanted to draw her hair the way I see it in my brain. I saw this somewhere online or on TV where this cool faux-hawk was put together this way.

Also – there is no quicker way to discover how much you use ctrl+Z than to draw something by hand for the first time in months. My brain is broken forever, thanks Photoshop.

1021: Wolverine Doodle

1021 Wolverine doodle 9-23-2013
Just a quick ballpoint doodle I did while podcasting the other night. I have restless hands.

992: Nerd Girl Pinup

986 Pumell Pinup 5-24-2013
Something for the monthly Pummel competition at I’m pretty dang happy with how this came out.