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1363: Bronze Age X-Men

Just doodling in my sketch book.


1356: Nightcrawler Collaboration

A rad Nightcrawler sketch that my buddy Phouthong Phimmarath, colored by myself.

1352: Nightcrawler Sketch

Having buddies who wrote an X-Men book (and also like to suggest that people get sketches from me) is the shit, lol. Thanks to Chad Bowers and Chris Sims for sending me the best kind of commissions!

1272: Swashbuckler Bamf

1272 swashBamf 8-3-2016
Nightcrawler is easily my favorite character, and the old-school Dave Cockrum Bamfs are among my favorite things to draw.

1181: Nightcrawler Sketches

Nightcrawler Doodles 9-22-2015
Finally sketching some Nightcrawlers that I’m pretty satisfied with. I referenced Dave Cockrum’s model sheet, which included delightful notes, like: “When drawing Nightie from the front: Do NOT connect the tail directly to his crotch, you’ll give the code fits & John Romita ulcers!”

1144: X-Con 2015 Sketch Cards

1144 X-Con Sketch Cards 9-up 5-18-2015
X-Con was pretty much a bust for me, but I did do a few sketch cards. The Batman was a free one for a kid, but the rest were either paid commissions, or gifts. The Magneto went to the delightful Paty Cockrum as a thank you for telling me stories about the heyday of the Marvel bullpen, and the Spaceballs one went to Tim Russ, just for the hell of it. The hihglights of the show for me were high-fiving Ric Flair, and spending most of Sunday morning in a luchador mask yelling at people in a Strong-Bad voice.

1103: Inktober Day 26 – Nightcrawler

1103 Inktober Day 26 Nightcrawler 10-26-2014