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1392: Inktober Day 9 – Link


1336: Link Sketch Card

Just a quick Link Sketch Card from Captain’s Comics Expo 2017.

1312: Everybody Wants to be the King Hippo

Did this one for my buddy Chris at Starlite Gaming in Summerville, SC. We both got a good chuckle out of it.

1294: Mystery Ninja

A companion card to yesterday’s post.

1293: The Hero of Time

A quick Link Sketch Card

1206: Inktober Day 21 – Link

1206 Link Sketch Card 10-21-2015
A Link sketch card for day 21.

1146: Mega-Man Sketch Card

1146 Mega-Man 5-29-2015
I’m going to try to do a sketch card everyday between now and Heroes-Con (June 19th, 2015). Here’s a Mega-Man, since I get asked for him a lot.