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1285: Gratuitous smoking Wizard sketch



1130: Elf Warrior

1130 Elf Warrior 2-25-2015
A commission from a con a while back that I never got around to posting – a character sketched based on a couple of miniatures.

1129: The Masked Man

1129 The Masked Man 2-20-2014
Yet another commissioned D&D character sketch, and one of the coolest ones I’ve ever done.

1128: Tiefling Sorcerer

1128 2-16-2014
Another Fiverr commissioned D&D character sketch.

1127: Wood Elf Archer

1127 -Wood Elf Archer 2-13-2014
Another commissioned D&D character.

1125: The Sorcerer

A Fiverr commissioned D&D character sketch. The client asked for a Karl Urban in Pitch Black Vibe.

1068: D&D Dump

1068 Cartigas 6-30-2014

1068 Corwyn 6-30-2014

1068 Dolthaia  6-30-2014

1068 Ronulen  6-30-2014

1068 Velladriana Ral  6-30-2014
A group of Fiverr commissions that I never posted. They’re D&D characters and villains I think.