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1395: Inktober Day 12 – Old Guy


1389: Inktober Day 6: these BOOTS were MADE…for WALKEN.

I know he kinda looks like an old lady, but I can live with it.

1384: Inktober 2017 Day 1

A portrait of my better half to kick it off this year. Here we go!

1369: Sleep well, Caped Crusader

TV Batman was the first thing I ever learned to draw from memory. I wanted to try something different and special for this one, so I inked with liners instead of brush and drew coloring influence from the amazing Francesco Francavilla and Wes Craig. I’ll have 9×12 prints of this available at Heroes Con next week.

1329: Martin Luther King, Jr.

For Black History Month, This year I thought I start with one the greatest black heroes of all time.

1325: General Leia Organa (Remastered)

I decided to spruce this old print up in honor of Carrie Fisher. As a huge Star Wars fan, and a person who struggles with my mental health, she meant a lot to me. These are $15 and a portion of the proceeds for each sale will go to the International Bipolar Foundation. Get yours here, or catch me at a convention.

1324: Make Donald Drumpf Again

This guy creeps me the heck out. In brighter news, I REALLY like the new watercolor brush I’m using in Photoshop.