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1022: Theatre Poster Mania

1022 2014 The Civil War Poster 9-30-2013

1022 2013 Gaslight poster 9-30-2013

1022 Oz Poster 9-30-2013

Here are a few of the posters I’ve designed recently, including my second Wizard of Oz attempt. Starting next post: Halloween Spook-tacular!


982: Viet is the Hulk

982 Viet hulk poster 5-1-2013
The latest poster I’ve designed for my good buddy, comedian Viet Huynh, based on the classic first issue of the Incredible Hulk. Check out the links below to see more of his posters:

CRap Show 3 – She-Hulk

CRap Show 2 – Devil Dinosaur

CRap Show – She-Hulk

An Intimate Evening 2

Heroes of Hilarity

An Intimate Evening

981: Much Ado T-Shirts

981 Much Ado Shirt 4-29-2013
Here’s a sweet t-shirt design I whipped up for my cast and crew. It’s based on this entry:
and this poster design I did for the show:

960: Chicago Poster

Poster 950 px Chicago 3

Poster 950 px Chicago

Poster 950 px Chicago 2

Here’s the poster I designed for The Flowertown Players’ production of Chicago. The one with the black silhouette is the one they went with, but I thought everybody might like a look at the other options. I did the one with the line-work first, and it was a bit disappointing when the silhouette looked better, but that’s how it goes sometimes, lol. I just wish I had gone that direction from the get-go, it would have saved a good bit of time.

283: She-Hulk W.I.P.

Here’s the WIP of the new poster I’m doing for my pals comedian Viet Huynh and nerdcore rapper Tribe One. Coming along nicely.

Here’s a link to the last one I did for them:
and the first cRap Show:

276: Anne Frank

For the wife’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank – stage version, obvs.

274: The Hobbit Poster

Another poster for my local community theatre.