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1368: Rogue and Gambit

A commission for my cool friend Kate, who hooked my daughter up big time. Check out her Gaming streams here:



1252: Rogue House of M Colors!

1252 Rogue House of M 5-4-2016


1251: House of M Rogue Commission

1251 Rogue House of M Inks 5-2-2016

1156: Savage Land Rogue (colors)

1156 Rogue Savage Land colors 6-19-2015
Got this all colored up – and it’s available as a print!

1134: Savage Land Rogue Inks

1134 Rogue Savage Land 3-6-2015
Finally inked this on 11×17 Bristol – it’ll be for sale at Captain’s Comics Expo 2015, starting tomorrow!

1124: Fedor Ivan Bellic

1124 Fedor Bellic 1-30-2014
My Current D&D character, a dwarf rogue with a background in espionage. He’s got a nicely generic Eastern Europeanesque accent, and lots of secrets.

1112: X-Mas Day 1 – Rogue

1112 X-Mas 2014 Day 1 - Rogue 12-1-2014
New daily drawing challenge for December! Draw an X-Men character every day, is this already a thing? I’m making it a thing if it’s not. Let’s make it a thing.