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1399: Darth Vader Sketch Cover

A cool Sketch Cover I did (as one of many) for a buddy.


1368: Rogue and Gambit

A commission for my cool friend Kate, who hooked my daughter up big time. Check out her Gaming streams here:

1364: Storm Sketch Cover

A storm sketch cover I did as a display example.

1353: Kitty

Professor Xavier is a JERK!!!!

1350: Betty Cooper

I got to meet and chat a bit with Mark Waid at SC Comic Con recently, and I wanted something special for him to sign. The owner of one of my local comic stores really hooked me up with this blank Archie cover. Now I just have to try to keep my wife from stealing it.

1339: The Fastest Man Alive



Probably the best drawing I’ve ever one of the Flash, colors by Bob Frank.

1278: Mike Kordek

1278 Mike Kordek 8-22-2016
My buddy Mike became one with the force on 8-21-2016. I’ve been holding on to this blank cover for a while, he asked me to do a sketch of Vader and then let him know how much he owed me. I thought this might be a better tribute, I plan on donating it to Threshold Theatre, in Charleston. Mike was the Technical director there, and always had a smile on his face. You’ll be missed, buddy!