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1371: General Organa

A sketch cover done at my table at HeroesCon 2017.


1337: Jubilee Sketch Cover

Another Captain’s Comics Expos Commission, signed by my beloved casual acquaintances, Chris Sims and Chad Bowers.

1282: Zombie Michonne

A new sketch cover! For sale here if you’re interested!

1274: Gambit ’92 Sketch Cover

1274 Gambit Sketch Cover 8-8-2016
Bonus Chris Sims and Chad Bowers signatures!


1247: Arrow Sketch Cover

1247 Arrow Cover 3-30-2016


1246: Ultimate Spidey Sketch Cover

1246 Spidey 3-25-2016

1178: Florence Comic Con 2015 Sketch Covers

1178 FCC 2015 Sketch Covers 9-16-2015 (1)

1178 FCC 2015 Sketch Covers 9-16-2015 (2)

Sketch covers from the weekend, I also did oneof Jeremy Dale on a blank Skyward, but I forgot to take a picture of it.