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1367: The Wolverine

Got this as a commission, and wanted to try to do a hip, stylish version of Logan’s civvies for Laura. I think it came out pretty damn good.


1283: Old Men Sketches

Just some practice sketches, some old fellers.

1255: Dr. Seuss Hat

1255 Dr. Suess Hat Prompt 5-20-2016
Another one from my sketchbook full of drawing prompts.

1254: Angel Wings

1254 Angel Wings Prompt 5-16-2016
I got a fun sketchbook with 300 drawing prompts the other day. I want to try to do something a little unexpected for most of them.

1224: D&D Doodles

1224 D&D doodles 1-25-2016
Some quick doodles I did during D&D this weekend, nothing special

1223: Rocket Raccoon Sketch Cover

Jekyll Comic Con Rocket Raccon 01 12-12-2015jpg
Rocket! Props to Skottie young for the inspiration on this one. For sale in my web-store!

1217: Rachel & Miles Graduate

1217 Rachel and Miles Grad Costumes 11-10-2015
So I just finished listening to episode 80 of the fantastic podcast, Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, and I couldn’t not draw this once I thought of it. Sorry, guys (Double apologies to Jay).