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1364: Storm Sketch Cover

A storm sketch cover I did as a display example.


1363: Bronze Age X-Men

Just doodling in my sketch book.

1235: New Sketch Cards

1235 Sketch cards 2-19-2016
Some new sketch cards I did for Captain’s Comics Expo 2016, Including Storm, the next in my series of favorite black characters.

1133: Punk Storm

1133 Storm Punk 3-4-2015
Another older drawing that i decided to spruce up for the con this weekend, and yeah, I know she didn’t have her powers when she rocked this look, shaddup.

996: Storm, now with 100% more shading!

996 Storm Copic 6-12-2013
I went ahead and did some warm/cool shading on this one last night. I think it turned out pretty great – I really love my Copics.

Check out Entry 236 for the unshaded inks.

956: Storm

956 Storm 1-31-2013
Woot! Mohawk Storm! Just a quick digital sketch, but, I really, really dig the new costume designs for Uncanny X-Force. They were designed by Kris Anka – you should check him out.

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244: Stormy Weather

I colored this – hope you like it.