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1347: Superman

He’s here to help.



1276: Superman Sketch Cover

1276 Superman Sketch Cover 8-12-2016

1253: Sith Superman

1253 Super Man Sith 5-9-2016
Sometimes I get really weird commission requests, this is one of my favorites.

1209: Inktober Day 24 – Superman 2015

1209 Inktober Day 24 Superman 10-24-2015
Been wanting to draw this for a while.

296: Superman (New 52)

296 Superman 12-7-2012
This may be the first time in my life that I’m pleased with a Superman drawing. If you like it too, it’s for sale at my web-store:

105: Bizarro #1!

Me am not better hero than Superman. Me am poor choice. Unhappy birthday to terrible artist.


Brainiac!!!!!!!!!! More Legion of Doom tomorrow! Super-Friends beware!