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1380: Sketchcards

Just a few random sketch cards to fill in some gaps in my book. Come see me at a con to get you one!


1339: The Fastest Man Alive



Probably the best drawing I’ve ever one of the Flash, colors by Bob Frank.

1321: CW Flash

Lightning gave him abs.


1160: The Flash and The Prez

1160 HeroesCon 2015 Flash TV 6-25-2015

1160b HeroesCon 2015 Prez 6-25-2015

This Flash button was extra fun, because the little girl who requested it was a big fan of Grant Gustin. She had Francis Manapul do a button for her first, and she didn’t like it! She LOVED mine though, lol. Technically, I beat the artist of the Flash in a Flash drawing contest, you guys 😉
I also got to draw the classic Prez, but I forgot to get paid! No worries though, I give away a ton of sketch cards.


1139: SC Comic-Con 2015 Sketch Covers

1139 SC Comic-Con sketch covers 3-23-3025 (3)

1139 SC Comic-Con sketch covers 3-23-3025 (1)

1139 SC Comic-Con sketch covers 3-23-3025 (2)

My sketch covers from SCCC 2015, which was a really fun show. I’ll be back next year.


110: Captain Cold

Did it just get chilly up in this piece?