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1128: Tiefling Sorcerer

1128 2-16-2014
Another Fiverr commissioned D&D character sketch.


1009: Tiefling Fighter

1009 Calder Devilblood 8-7-2013
My current character in the Pathfinder game I’m playing in, Calder Devilblood, a tiefling fighter. He’s a pissed off kid that grew up in a crappy orphanage, where he was forced to part of a group of thieves and pickpockets.

213: Tiefling Slave Girl Finished!

I finally finished this one, wanted to do it before the end of the year, lol. Previous version and description from way back in April: Entry 147 Tiefling Slave Girl inks

135: Awesome pt II

more awesome google results 🙂