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982: Viet is the Hulk

982 Viet hulk poster 5-1-2013
The latest poster I’ve designed for my good buddy, comedian Viet Huynh, based on the classic first issue of the Incredible Hulk. Check out the links below to see more of his posters:

CRap Show 3 – She-Hulk

CRap Show 2 – Devil Dinosaur

CRap Show – She-Hulk

An Intimate Evening 2

Heroes of Hilarity

An Intimate Evening


292: She-Hulk Atlas

292 She-Hulk Atlas 12-1-2012
The final piece I did for Viet. This is 11×17 on watercolor paper.

290: She-Hulk Atlas WIP

Something I’m working on for my buddy Viet.

284: cRap Show III

Finished! Go see the show if you’re in the Atlanta area – these guys are awesome. This poster is (obviously) an homage to the classic John Byrne cover for She-Hulk #1.

283: She-Hulk W.I.P.

Here’s the WIP of the new poster I’m doing for my pals comedian Viet Huynh and nerdcore rapper Tribe One. Coming along nicely.

Here’s a link to the last one I did for them:
and the first cRap Show:

277: Tribe One is Older

Happy late birthday to the awesome Tribe One! This was commissioned awhile ago by his lady along with a sweet custom figure from my buddy Viet. you can see Viet’s post here:

267: Card for Viet and his Lady

A greeting card I painted for my buddy Viet for his Girlfriend.