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1376: The Rhino

Spider-Man villains are the most fun to draw.



1355: Poison Ivy


1245: Bane Sketch Cover

1245 Bane 3-25-2016

1240: The Goblin King

1240 Jareth 3-2-2016
A late tribute to David Bowie, actually commissioned by a college friend about a week before he died.

1210: Inktober Day 25 – The Lord of Darkness

1210 Inktober Day 25 Darkness 10-25-2015
What is light without dark?

1188: Inktober Day 3 – More Sketch Cards

1188 Sketch Cards Batgirl 10-3-2015

1188 Sketch Cards Juggernaut 10-3-2015

1188 Sketch Cards Spider-Gwen 10-3-2015

A few more of the sketch cards I’ll have with me at Soda City Comic Con today. $5 or free to any kid under 12!

1167: Catwoman ’66 Sketch Card

1167 Catwoman Sketch Card 8-19-2015
I threw this in as a bonus sketch on a very delayed commission. Sketch cards are always fun.