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1108: Inktober Day 31 – Witchy Woman

1108 Inktober Day 31 Sexy Witch 10-31-2014
What’s Halloween without a sexy witch? She accidentally looks like Madonna, too.


298: Cecelia Hobgood – Hafling Witch

298 Cecelia Hobgood A 12-12-2012

298 Cecelia Hobgood B 12-12-2012
Finished! The shadow/skull thing isn’t quite how I wanted it, but I’ll do better next time I try something like this. Enjoy.
Here is this character’s description and back story from the player:

Cecilia Hobgood, the “Demon Child”

Celia is a child unlike any other. She was orphaned at a young age from wealthy parents. She was then raised in an orphanage with her brother where she was mistreated. Her brother succumbed to the mistreatment. Celia was so griefstricken that she was about to kill herself, however she was offered the power to overcome her miseries by a shadowy spirit. Since then, Celia has gained amazing and dreadful powers, while regressing to a more and more childlike state.

Celia is a halfling teenager, around 16 years old. She acts as if she is a 7 year old child. Many people cannot tell she is not a human child at first glance. She has black hair and blue eyes (unusual for a halfling). She wears a somewhat tattered dress and walks around with her creepy doll, Chester. Chester seems to be an effigy of some sort; he is made up of bits of sewn flesh, fingernails, and bone. When a situation demands that she needs to leave her childlike state (such as if she needs to call on the wisdom of her experience), she asks Chester for help and he usually tells her the answer she is looking for.

Despite the dark powers that work in Celia’s everyday life, she is not an evil character. She is even somewhat kind to those that are kind to her. Due to people’s fear of her most stay away from her. She is not innately good, however, either. Since she is primarily in a childlike state she acts like any child. When she wants something she will try to get it. If she does not get it she may throw a tantrum. When a child throws a tantrum, it really is not a problem. When a witch throws a tantrum… it can be.

She has a dread fascination with the dead and spirits which is even more unusual for a child (though not as much for a witch). She has been banned from the graveyard in town due to a past incident and many churches now will not let her in due to a necromantic aura that seems to surround her at all times. Celia is currently down on her luck as the church was one of the last places that fed her. Her current occupation is street beggar and she spends most of her time near the areas of the city well traveled by visitors. Residents of the city keep away from her but she does manage to beg the occasional coin from passersby and travelers.

295: Cecilia Hobgood

295 Cecelia Hobgood 12-6-2012295 b Cecelia Hobgood 12-6-2012
Another Character sketch for one of my Pathfinder players. This is Cecilia Hobgood, or CiCi as we generally call her. She’s a hafling witch who experienced a mysterious trauma that left her mind shattered. She now believes herself to be a human child of about 10 years old. As you can see in the detail shot, those are spiders coming out of her mouth. She’s a creepy, and very entertaining character – played by a grown-ass man.