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1353: Kitty

Professor Xavier is a JERK!!!!


1352: Nightcrawler Sketch

Having buddies who wrote an X-Men book (and also like to suggest that people get sketches from me) is the shit, lol. Thanks to Chad Bowers and Chris Sims for sending me the best kind of commissions!

1337: Jubilee Sketch Cover

Another Captain’s Comics Expos Commission, signed by my beloved casual acquaintances, Chris Sims and Chad Bowers.

1332: Bishop

Black History Sketch 4: He came from the future with some huge guns, and a small arsenal of firearms. “[Xavier’s] dream is the hope of humanity and we are its protector.”

1322: Starjammers Doodles

Dude, I love the Starjammers so much. I’ve got a really fun pitch for a story that I’d love to do if I ever get a chance to do some Marvel work.

1315: 90s Psylocke commission

A fun Commission from my last con.

1291: X-Doodles

Some fun 90s X-Men Doodles to kick off this lovely Inktober!