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1282: Zombie Michonne

A new sketch cover! For sale here if you’re interested!


1205: Inktober Day 20 – Zombie Rockabilly Girl

1205 Inktober Day 20 Zombie Rockabilly Girl10-18-2015
if the house is a’ rockin’ – call the cops.

1197: Inktober Day 12 – Scribbles

1197 Inktober Day 12 10-12-2015
Doodling with a cheap ballpoint on some scrap paper while recording a podcast.

257: Monster Killer

Finally finished this – maybe some day I’ll get around to writing/drawing the comic about her.

250: Monster Hunter Girl WIP 2

Worked on this a bit more – coming out pretty good.

245: Zombie Hunter WIP

Something I’m working on in my new sketch book – I think I might do something with this character once I get the design together.