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1365: Redbox vs Predators

A commission for my buddy Landall, who own and operates a Video rental store and coffee shop with his Mom.


1349: Good Ol’ Ronnie

My buddy Garret kept using Ronald Reagan on a Unicorn as an example for how he’d do a commission of anything, and I just had to draw it, lol.

1145: Fat Royale – Red Six

1145 Fat Royale - Red Six Cover
I did another Album cover. you can check out the music here:

1035: Tracksuit

1035 tracksuit 11-18-2013
You gotta love a good weird-as-hell commission.

1028: Wolfman’s Got Nards?!

1028 Wolfman Nards 10-8-2013
The Monster Squad is pure Halloween bliss.

982: Viet is the Hulk

982 Viet hulk poster 5-1-2013
The latest poster I’ve designed for my good buddy, comedian Viet Huynh, based on the classic first issue of the Incredible Hulk. Check out the links below to see more of his posters:

CRap Show 3 – She-Hulk

CRap Show 2 – Devil Dinosaur

CRap Show – She-Hulk

An Intimate Evening 2

Heroes of Hilarity

An Intimate Evening

282: Disney Princess Leia

I can’t be the only one thinking it, lol. Seriously though, this Disney thing could be the best thing to happen to Star Wars since Empire. Before anyone asks, yeah, I’ll probably do a slave bikini version.